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STEM activities for kids

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Just sharing a super quick science activity that is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers or kindergarten children to get their little minds thinking about the basics of biology! So easy and such a great little conversation tool, this fun experiment takes only a minute to set up! And it is great for encouraging little ones to use […]

Just Acorn – Handmade Delights Full of Whimsy

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Sometimes you come across something that is just WAAAAY too CUTE not to share. And, these whimsical,magical little handmade delights by JUST ACORN are quite simply WAAAAY TOO CUTE! Handmade in England, Barbara’s journey with crafts began shortly after the birth of her daughter. It was during this time she began creating whimsical handmade creatures using traditional […]

Back to School!

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FAVE back to school finds from Target Australia! Back to school… It’s that time of year again and for some that means excitement, for others it can mean nerves and anxiety about facing the unknown. As a mother, one way I like to help reduce this anxiety and focus on the positives is by getting my little ones […]

The Force Awakens!

Anyone else super charged for the December 17th release of the latest Star Wars movie? First released way back in 1977, Star Wars became an iconic pop culture phenomenon that has stood the test of time. Whether you’re a lover of Luke Skywalker, a secret Darth Vader wannabe, wishing you had an R2-D2 bestie or are still crushing on Princess […]

Tsum Tsum Central!

So it looks like the Tsum Tsum craze has hit my little monkeys since their arrival on our Aussie shores. Based on popular Disney characters, Target’s Disney Tsum Tsums are a cute line of collectible plushies. The name “tsum tsum” is derived from the Japanese verb tsumu meaning “to stack”. These Tsum Tsum plushies are designed to sit on top of […]

My Little Play Pack

Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Fred Rogers We have been having so much fun playing and creating with our “Little Play Packs”. These beautifully gifted play packs have been cleverly designed to help children develop important skills as they learn through […]

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