Want to know the PERFECT sensory play experience for a hot Summer’s day? Something low cost, fun, easy and something that will keep little minds busy for hours on end? This icy-cold frozen water play exploration for kids could be your answer!

Over the school holidays I set this play experience up for Indi, saving it for a hot Summer’s day when the boredom monster set in. I recently took them out of the freezer when she was bored one afternoon and it sure did the trick. She seriously played for hours, persisting until she managed to free the little plastic frog and snake that were frozen inside.

To set this sensory play experience up yourself all you really need are a few balloons and a few plastic objects to freeze. If you are doing this for babies, it may be best to ensure the objects are large enough to be played safely with, or just skip that part and let them experience the frozen water fun.

Once the object to ‘excavate’ is inside, just fill with water  (add a couple of drops of food colouring and a little glitter to enhance the play experience if desired) and freeze.

Once frozen solid (best to freeze overnight) remove the outer balloon let your little one enjoy the sensory play experience!

This is a great incidental learning opportunity to teach your child the basics of matter – changing from frozen to liquid form. To extend learning further you can also ask your toddler to think of other ways to help get their plastic insect or reptile out of the frozen egg. You can encourage basic scientific principles of observation and prediction by looking at what happens if you leave it in the sunny spot, predicting what colour the water will turn once everything is melted or by predicting how long it would take for all of the ice to melt. The learning opportunities are endless!

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Have fun playing and creating with your little monkeys, love ness X