Oobleck – messy creative fun for little ones!

Sensory Play for toddlers - oobleck

oobleck – I was first introduced to this ooey, gooey, substance way back in my uni days and it still hasn’t lost it’s appeal. Cheap, quick and easy, this simple Oobleck recipe can provide little people with hours of fun sensory play!



  • cornflour
  • water
  • a large bowl or tray for play
  • food colouring – optional

Educational Benefits

Made from a basic mix of approximately 2 parts cornflour to 1 part water, Oobleck can teach children scientific skills of observation and prediction. It is also a fantastic way to introduce children to basic concepts of matter.

You can pull Oobleck apart, squish it, roll it, knead it, stretch it, splat it and watch it slowly drip as it alternates between solid and liquid form.

In addition to learning about science concepts, Oobleck is also great for the development of fine motor skills as children work and strengthen their little hand muscles while engaged in sensory play.


Extend Learning and Play

By adding a few drops of food colouring, you can open the world of conversation between you and your child as you share observations of colour, feel, texture and movement.

You can also add any durable or washable toys (for example, shopkins, little ponies, plastic soldiers etc) or strainers to provide an extra element of play. And yes, it does get a little messy but isn’t that what childhood should be all about?

Although I made this mix for my youngest, when my other three children came home from school I couldn’t keep them away from it!


Our mixture was a little on the dry side. To get the ideal consistency of Oobleck it should feel like a solid when you quickly poke or rub your finger across the surface, but it should slowly flow or move as you tilt it in the bowl. If you prefer a little more squish, simply add a little more water.


If you give Oobleck a try, let me know how you go. Have fun!

Happy days,

love ness X

how to make OObleck - sensory play for toddlers