BOOK WEEK – So, we survived book week. Just.

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 11Lucky for me I really only had to make 1 outfit, and a thing or 2. So today I though I’d post about the characters my kids dressed as for this year.

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 8

Summer – aged 10.

Character – Thing 1 (and thing 2).

Total cost – less than $25 each.

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas

Skirt – made from spotlight fabric (on special) so I made two skirts (one for Summer, one for her her friend) for only $4.00

Socks – I brought quality striped knee highs – they were $9 each (most expensive part) but since it was freezing cold, I wanted something nice and thick, warm and comfy.

Tee – Red t-shirt was $3.50 from Big W, added an iron on transfer from spotlight for approx $4.50

Hair  – blue hair spray from Red Dot -$3.99

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 6

OCEA: Little Red Riding Hood

Now this is a fave for any time poor stressed out parent. All you need is to grab a metre of red fabricant find an old basket from a thrift store or op shop. Just paid it with a dress and a some boots, throw in a few apples and a packed lunch and you are set!

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas boys 7

TOBY: The owl from…. in reality I didn’t quite know, lucky there are a few books with owls in it (which I know kind of  defeats the purpose of dressing up as your favourite character). But when you are time poor, frazzled and in a book week panic, this IKEA costume was a definite life saver. And it looked pretty cool too.

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas boys 7c

ABOVE: book week ideas, if you are really stressed, just hunt through the dress up box!

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas boys 7f

ABOVE: And we have a book!

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 2

ABOVE: a little coloured hairspray adds to the book week costume effect (great to store a few cans away for those OMG what am I going to do moments).

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 5

ABOVE: This basket has done the rounds in our house, first summer (way back in  year 1) and now Oceanna. In a few years I guess it will be Indi’s turn.

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 9

ABOVE: Making this skirt for Summer’s book week costume only cost approximately $4.00!

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 12

ABOVE: all four little book weekers

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas 13

and again…

Book Week - simple kids costume ideas boys 7e

ABOVE: this owl costume – was just too cute!

Book week costume ideas for kids

ABOVE: an old pic of Toby, dressed as his fave Star Wars character, the one from the book of course, not the movie 🙂

Other AMAZING book week costume ideas I have seen in my years of teaching are:

  • Mr Strong – make a few cardboard weights, dress in Mr Strong’s signature colour tee (or adapt for any Mr Men fave).
  • Hansel and Gretel – This is one I must try one day. Use an old box and make a basic house shape. Paint white, then decorate with all kinds of colourful candy creations. Once complete, cut out holes for arms and you are in book week costume heaven!
  • Cat in the hat – all you really need is a big cardboard hat, or make a hat shape and use a pop-stick to hold it up, simple!
  • King, Queen or Princess Foil Crown – just make a basic crown, cover it with foil and add a few gems or print out a few flowers and attach.
  • The classic fairy – again, the ultimate time saver for busy mum’s. I mean, honestly, what little girl would;’t live to parade around all day in their favourite fairy costume! Win Win!
  • Captain underpants – a classic that always seems to generate a few book week giggles. And oh so easy!
  • Make it – paper plate masks are a great way to do a little book week DIY. Just choose your character and hit up google search for a few DIY paper plate craft ideas.

I will keep updating this post every year with more pics of what my kids get dressed up as.

Love Ness X