Three girls, one room

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Summer, Indi and Oceanna – three girls, one room I remember way back when I was pregnant with Toby, designing this room ‘extra large’ just incase, one day it would need to accommodate three little girls. And here we are – three girls sharing one room (although our home constantly feels like sleeping musical chairs). […]

Nature Process Art

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nature art ideas for kids – leaf painting process art When my little girl Indi and I recently did another local ‘rock drop’, our walk back home resulted in this really sweet nature art activity that Indi absolutely loved. above: little Indi with her latest ‘rock drop’ All you need for your nature art activity […]

Sunday Shuffle!

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Girls Room Reshuffle As always there’s a lot of reshuffling in our home, so today I thought I’d do a super quick post to share a few pics of my latest reshuffle in the girls’ bedroom. Basically, this petal bedhead (which was in Summer’s room)  is now upstairs. While I’m absolutely loving how the bedhead […]

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