Hi! Just sharing one of my favourite little craft activities that I LOVE to do with the little people of the world. And now that my littlest babe Indi is showing a great interest in anything creative, I thought it was the perfect time to capture those little handprints that get up to so much mischief and capture them as they are, right now!

Now this is an absolute favourite of mine, something I have done for years with the children that I teach. And to give credit where credit is due, I first found the idea from a friend of mine named Dianna who I taught next to, well over 15 years ago! And – it’s still AS CUTE as EVER!

All you need is some paint, paper and off you go. I put mine on a basic printable and created two different versions (which are available for free at the end of this post). These printables add a little design element, which looks gorgeous in a child’s bedroom or on a gallery wall, but of course it isn’t necessary.

If you don’t have any brown paint (I only have the basic primary colours in my home) you can make your own brown paint by mixing two complementary colours on the colour wheel.

Now for a few insider ‘early childhood’ tips of how to get the art to work with a toddler –

  • When you are about to do the handprint, tell them before not to move their hands, they are frozen, like Elsa (that should work).
  • Before they put their little arm down on the paper, ask they to spread their fingers apart.
  • Demonstrate with your own fingers, fingers together, fingers apart. etc. I know it’s basic, but for little people, unless we break down the very basics, all kids of stuff can happen!

Once dry, get your little one to draw the faces of your family members on the tree. In this sample I used a basic black artline marker. I have previously collaged little paper faces, using fine pieces of wool for hair, and let them go all out with colour choices (which is always bucket loads of fun).

Aside from drying time, this adorable handprint artwork should really only take about 5-10 minutes, and the keepsake of those little handprints, captured in time, will last a lifetime!

And it looks pretty darn cute too!


Basic unframed

Framed black and white version

Framed coloured version 


Bye for now, love Ness X