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Hi! That’s me (up there) ness – hello and welcome to four cheeky monkeys!

It’s a space where I share my life with my little people and my love of interiors, DIY and early childhood education.

So about me, where to start. Basically I’m a mother of four, I work part time as an early childhood teacher, I have studied interior design and I adore being a mum.

No, my life isn’t perfect. Yes, my kids fight and drive me crazy. I totally need to stop eating so much chocolate and I drive my husband slightly insane with how much I move stuff around in our home.

I procrastinate way too much (I should really be sorting out the mountains of washing right now… so of course I ended up here, updating this!).

I love my job as a teacher. I am passionate about play based learning, developing resiliency and igniting creativity in children.

The beach is my happy place, my sense of calm. I love the sound of thunder and I love walking in the rain.

I find joy in upcycling and I have a slight obsession with cushions, throws and rugs.

And while I try to keep my posts upbeat and fun, I am well aware that life is not always that way. I lost my beautiful mum at the age of 16, cared for my Dad until he lost his battle with cancer when I was 25, then watched my eldest sister’s heartbreaking struggle as she battled but lost her 16 week fight against melanoma, leaving her five beautiful children to face a future without their mum by their side.

So why include that, well,  because quite simply they are some of the most important events in my life that have led me to be who I am today. They are the reasons why I try to focus on the good, to be grateful for what I have and to enjoy and appreciate those little things in life, that we tend to take for granted.

And sometimes, It’s important to know that regardless of what we ‘see’ or ‘assume’ life is not always unicorns and rainbows. I  have good days and bad. I still, even at the age of 40 miss my mum like crazy. every. single .day.

But, I try to remind myself that everything in life is a choice. And, sometimes we can not change or control things that happen, but we can change how we allow ourselves to react to them and how we allow it to impact us. Good or bad… there is a choice, always.

So, hopefully, this will be a little place to escape for a five minute read, once a week to find both inspiration and ideas when living a life with cheeky monkeys by your side.

Hope to see you back again! Thanks for stopping by,

love ness X


colourful interiors

ABOVE: My eldest daughter’s bedroom (last year)