Along with Christmas, comes the dreaded Christmas rush. The time when lists get longer, days go faster and time seems to just disappear! Well today on the blog I have a super easy Christmas table setting guide for that will help eliminate some of that Christmas stress, especially if you’re hosting the family get together.

At the end of the post I have attached  a free downloadable checklist, which you can print to keep that to do list super organised!

Happy holidays, love Ness X


ITEMS YOU MAY NEED – not all may be necessary

How to style a Christmas Table - free guide on the blog


  • centre piece to create height (e.g branches, tree, flowers, Christmas ornament)
  • tray to create centre piece
  • tablecloth, piece of fabric or sheet
  • set of LED copper wire string lights (mine are from IS GIFT)
  • pack of Christmas bon-bon in different sizes (select colours to match your theme)

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog



  • wine and or tumbler per person (be as creative as you like – its nice to mix and match)
  • set of cutlery per person
  • table setting per person – dinner plate, side plate, bowl (layer)

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog


  • napkin or serviette
  • name place tag (optional) per guest
  • small bon-bon or other item (e.g. – small wrapped gift, mini bottle of wine etc).
  • HANDY HINT – to make the bon-bon extra special, carefully open and insert a special little gift for your quests. Something small like a friendship bracelet or hand written message will fit inside beautifully.




  1. Select a table cloth to suit your theme and layer over table. You may like to add a table runner to create more texture and depth. If you don’t have a table cloth you can use – a plain sheet, a curtain, approx 1.8 metres of fabric. In the images on the post, I used a simple length of curtain fabric from IKEA.
  2. Choose a tray for your centre piece. A tray will help group your objects together and when it is time to serve the food, will make it easier to move if needed. This way your display can be placed in another area of the home.
  3. When creating your centre piece work in groups of three and ensure objects alternate in height. Ideas to use are – flowers (in different sized vases), candles of alternating heights, a mini tree, christmas decorations, baubles in vases or bowls etc.
  4. Use LED battery operated string lights (ensure they DO NOT omit heat) and place around centre piece.
  5. If you prefer minimal, stop here or to add a little sparkle, you can place a few extra baubles, Christmas gift bows, tea light candles or other decorations around the base of the tray. Just make sure height is worked from tallest in the middle.

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog

NEXT – SET THE TABLE – cutlery and glassware

  1. Set the table layering – plates, side plate, bowl and napkin.
  2. Place cutlery forks to the left, knifes to the right, followed by spoons. Teaspoons above the plate (or do what you like).
  3. Put either a small gift, mini bon-bon or napkin inside bowl for visual interest.
  4. Play with the napkin to see what look you prefer – A nice effect is to place the napkin between the plate and bowl OR place inside the bowl OR do a create fold and place in the glassware.
  5. Add glassware for each guest (you may prefer plastic or melamine for children).

img_8102How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog

THIRD –  add items for FUNCTIONALITY

  1. Ensure your table is ‘guest ready’ and have the following items either placed on an easily accessible tray or use them to add to your table setup.
  2. ITEMS – salt and pepper shakers, butter knife, gravy and condiment bowls and spoons, wine bottle corks, glassware stirrers, serving trays for food (platters, salad bowls, bread tray etc).

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog


  • Do what you can the day or week before to eliminate Christmas stress.
  • You do not need to buy expensive flowers for a festive feel – use an interesting branch and attach a few decorations (as above) for an alternative to flowers.
  • Check you have a Christmas playlist ready – if not upload a few of your few favourite tunes. This is a good task to delegate to tech savvy children or teens.
  • Delegate chores and if you have children – give them tasks (e.g. make the reindeer food, write a letter for santa, tidy room for santa, find old toys to donate, or put on a Christmas movie etc).
  • ALWAYS turn off Christmas lights and candles.
  • Leave a large note on the fridge, or by your bed as a reminder to double check all lights and candles are off!

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog


  •  Set a kids table following the same guidelines but make it kid friendly (e.g. swap glass for plastic, minimal for cutesy)
  • When setting the table you may like to use the underside of wrapping paper (as a blank canvas for colouring in) and cover a spare table (either inside or out).
  • Place a few cute containers or cups and fill them with pencils and crayons.
  • Let the children draw, play noughts and crosses during christmas day while they wait for food or to keep them occupied while eating.

Relax and enjoy the Christmas Festivities!

Love Ness X

How to style a Christmas Table - free decorating guide on the blog



  • Black reindeer and glass baubles HERE
  • Mini Christmas Tree HERE
  • LED star and copper lights HERE
  • ‘Table cloth’ was fabric from HERE