Fairy Party Food – a simple no bake recipe for all ages!

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’m not a huge fan of cooking, but with a daughter who LOVES to bake, it has been a goal of mine to try that little bit harder this year.

So today I’m sharing a no fail, but super cute kid friendly recipe that all ages can enjoy – no baking required!

Now these adorable little Fairy Tea-Party treats are sooooo easy to make, that even my little three year old can join in the process.

Traditionally they are made with a little chocolate freckle on top, but since we forgot that item from the shopping list, we substituted this with a tiny topping of icing sugar sprinkles.

Fairy Tea-Party Treats - super cute party food idea for kids

Fairy Tea-Party Treats

I packet of tic-toc biscuits (or other round iced biscuits for the saucers)
I pack of musk lifesavers cut into half (for tea-cup handles)
1/2 cup of icing sugar
Marshmallows (tea-cups)
Hindreds and thousands (sprinkles).

Mix icing sugar with a dash of milk (not too runny).
Dip marshmallow base into icing sugar and place onto biscuit.
Chop life saver lollies in half and dip in icing sugar, attach to side of marshmallow for handle.
Spread a tiny amount of icing sugar on top of marshmallow, and sprinkle a few hundreds and thousands on top.

Hope you like them, they make a great little party item or after school treat. And while I’m here, the biggest thanks to my four children and their school friends who made this batch  – and to you Lucy for helping me to photograph.  XX

Enjoy your day, Love ness X