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We are so excited to feature one of our favourite interior designers for this month’s home tour, belonging to Norway born JANNICKE RAMSØ who now calls Las Vegas home.

I first met Jannicke via Instagram – and immediately fell in love with her unique retro/vintage interiors injected with colour, playfulness and most importantly FUN!

JANNICKE RAMSØ spent almost a decade with an award-winning interior design firm in Las Vegas. Her experience and expertise she gained while working on luxurious casinos and hotels is now channeled in her own journey where she operates her high end children’s interior design service – Tiny Little Pads.

While Jannicke spends most of her days working on interiors for Tiny Little Pads in downtown Vegas, she is also a doting mother of two who has created the most adorable spaces for her two beautiful little girls.

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So come take a look and find out what this talented interior designer loves most about Vegas life, what she misses most about Norway and get some inside advice from Jannicke herself about setting up a successful play space!

Interiors for Kids Tiny Little Pads - Vegas Interior Designer featured on

What do you miss most about Norway?

“What I miss the most about Norway is our families and friends. Both my husband and I are born and raised in Norway, so all our immediate family is over there – including our parents, 4 siblings and 9 little ones. It’s especially hard to miss out on all the birthday parties, holidays, achievements and special occasions. Luckily we have technology that makes up for some and we have friends and family who love to visit.

We have also made a special effort since the kids were born to spend significant time in Norway every year – something we’re hoping to be able to continue doing in the years to come! And of course, in between the travel and visits, we have FaceTime – something we use every single day to connect with our loved ones. We’ve also established a Viber Group where everyone on both sides of the family can post pictures and comments on daily activities”.

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What do you love the most about raising your young family in Las Vegas?

“It would have to be THE WEATHER and endless opportunities of things to do and explore with our children – outside – ALL YEAR LONG! The way that Las Vegas is portrayed in the media, you wouldn’t even think anyone actually LIVES here, let alone people with kids! But you know, we do and we LOVE it!”.

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“We live in the middle of the dessert, but in our neighborhood we have lots of grass, big old trees, white picket fences, playhouses, swimming pools and awesome neighbors who has become great friends of us and our children. Everyone knows everyone around here. We feel safe and we have everything at our fingertips. It’s an amazing playground for our children”.

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I absolultely adore your use of colour and vintage retro pops in all of your interior spaces. Your playroom is by far one of my favourite feeds on instagram, do you have any top interior tips you can share for parents when creating a play space for children?

“My best advise to parents planning a Play Space is that SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!

Big or small, a Play Space is all about maximizing the space you have and providing as much play value as possible by dividing the space up into zones. A successful play area should allow children of different ages and mindsets to find something to stimulate their senses and curiosity. It should enhance physical, cognitive and social experiences.

You can achieve this by designing an interior space that includes an activity zone where louder and more messy activities can occur and a quiet zone where books, puzzles and cuddles are center stage”.

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Biggest thanks to Jannicke for allowing us to peek inside her incredible home and for sharing her images of her children’s play space. For more visual delight, by sure to check out her own blog HERE or check out her little squares of happiness in the land of insta HERE! And if you love Jannicke’s style as much as we do, you may be able to get Jannicke to design a magical Tiny Little Pad for your own bebes!

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NOTE: all images on this post are credited to Jannicke RAMSØ