Simple and Affordable Ways to Create a Unique Space for Toddlers

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One of my all time favourite ways to add a little personality and uniqueness into a child’s bedroom is by finding cool vintage treasures. Those unloved, unwanted or simply, tree change items that can not accomodate one’s existing home are absolute gems if you are after unique decor finds.

While I love thrift stores, local markets and secondhand stores, my favourite app to use is in Australia is GUMTREE (in the US a similar app is called LETGO). Removing the middle man, secondhand sites like these make things more affordable for both the buyer and seller (just remember to always be cautious if visiting the home of strangers).

In addition to affordability, being sustainable (by way of upcycling) and the absolute treasure troves you can find, using sites like these can help you find some really original pieces. This helps to avoid the ‘cookie cutter’ look, meaning you can create a very unique space for your child, brimming with personality.

boho kids bedrooms

My latest find on Gumtree was this gorgeous vintage cane bookshelf. The high spacing between the shelves allows for numerous styling options and the cute little draws below make the perfect bedside alternative, to store Indi’s PJ’s, socks and special ballet clothes.

As soon as we got home, I got to styling her latest piece (and Indi didn’t mind helping either – adding a few Peppa Pig faves here and there)! And now, this divine retro piece resides in Indi’s bedroom, filled with her own treasures and giving her vintage inspired bedroom a very colourful, bohemian edge.

Aside from using a secondhand site to make this purchase, other things I did to change up Indi’s bedroom without spending a dime that can be easily applied in any child’s space include-

  • Using a bowl and an off-cut of a water wise plant to bring life and greenery into the space (not to mention add a dash of PANTONE’s colour of the year). This also eliminates any use of soil in a child’s bedroom, just don’t forget to water.
  • Spray painting a few personal cherished items to bring colour into the space (like the ducks). You can also do this and spray paint a few items from a secondhand store in the same colour to create a little clustered display.
  • Using toys and dolls as decor – when doing this alternate height and try to select objects of different textures and colour to add interest.
  • Using story books to add height to decor pieces – which is a low cost way to create greater visual interest if height variation is needed.
  • Being creative and resourceful like using a $3.50 ikea space rack as a handy book shelf.
  • Using a tea towel as an artistic touch, draped over her vintage chair. I also like to use tea towels or children’s clothing as artwork, framing cute pieces as a cheap alternative to expensive art.
  • I have blogged this one before HERE  but I also say, you can’t go past decals as a cost effective alternative to wallpaper. So great if you like to change things around as your child grows.


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These are just a few really simple and basic tips you can apply to help style your child’s bedroom on a budget. If you have any fave budget saving ideas you would like share, just drop us a line below.

Till next time, Ness X