I have been really enjoying taking some out to do a little crafter noon with Indi. I have been letting her interests take the lead in what it is we focus on and since she loves all things rainbow (and pink, and watermelon, and yes, Peppa Pig is standing the test of time) I decided to get a little creative after much pinterest inspiration and made my own version of a paper plate rainbow craft.

And as you can see below, once complete they look really cute when displayed in your child bedroom.

Rainbow Alphabet Print | kids Bedroom Ideas | Nursery Art, Kids Room Decor

Now, for this activity a lot of paint could have resulted in a lot of washing up, so to keep things simple we used the good old egg carton as a paint tray and used cotton buds instead of paintbrushes. The small end on the cotton buds were the perfect size to do each rim of colour.

While I tried to follow the ROYGIBIV colour pattern on mine, I wasn’t too worried if Indi grabbed the pink or popped a little extra purple here and there. But if you like, you can extend learning further by teaching your child about the colour progression in a rainbow, try googling some images of rainbows, or even make some real ones using crystals in the sunshine at home.

Once ours had completely dried, I made a simple cloud template out of white card. Indi then attached streamers to hers, and I attached some wool to mine. You can be as creative as you like here, add a few raindrops, rainbow wool, totally up to you!

Rainbow Paper Plate Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids | toddler craft ideas

And whola! Rainbow art complete!

Aren’t they just the CUTEST? I can’t wait to make them with the kindy kids at school.

Paper Plate Rainbow Craft Ideas and Activities for Kids | toddler craft ideas

That’s it from me for today. You can check out more fun craft ideas HERE!

Have a happy day, love Ness X