While I was getting everything sorted for our RAINBOW PAPER PLATES, my little girl Indi was kept busy (and very focused) creating her own little rainbow coloured process art.

This simple simple yet visually beautiful art work can make a great display in a child’s bedroom. Which can help develop both a sense of belonging and a sense of pride in their bedroom by having their artwork displayed. Not to mention the many benefits of using that pincer grip (index finger and thumb) to give those little fine motor skills a workout.

Process art for toddlers | craft and activities for kids

As Indi loves rainbows, our colour schemes all rainbows, but if your child is into dinosaurs (make a green array) the beach (go for blues) or if you would like it match their bedroom, just pull a few key colours from that space. Create, display and enjoy! It’s that simple.Process art for toddlers | craft and activities for kids


Be back soon with more simple DIY ideas to create a unique bedroom space for your own child using with their own artwork.


Happy days, love Ness X