Flamingo Watering Can - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Watering the plants just got a whole more cuter! Totally loving these quirky watering cans from IS GIFT. The PERFECT gift for retro lovers – and the best excuse to get outdoors and give those thumbs a break from the screen and try turning them green.

Flamingo Watering Can - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Flamingo Watering Can - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Flamingo Watering Can - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Other cute gifts from wholesale retailer IS GIFT are below, but the mingo is my fave!

Animal Hand Puppets - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Animal Hand Puppets - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

These cute little hand puppets are perfect for imaginary play – or tormenting your siblings!

Pineapple Night Light - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Pineapple Night Light - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Add some funshine day and night to your kids spaces with these funky little LED battery operated night lights!

Unicorn Lip Gloss - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Unicorn Lip Gloss - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Or spread happy vibes of all things unicorn with this magical little lip-gloss!

For more super cute gift ideas or to find your nearest stockist (including the most adorbs unicorn stationery), check out IS GIFT by clicking HERE!

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