Just sharing a super quick science activity that is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers or kindergarten children to get their little minds thinking about the basics of biology!

So easy and such a great little conversation tool, this fun experiment takes only a minute to set up! And it is great for encouraging little ones to use language to predict, observe and hypothesis all about the changes that will occur.

If you are after a story to accompany it, one of my faves is called ‘The Potato People’ by Pamela Allen. An endearing picture book about a boy and his gran who make ‘potato people’ when he visits, observing changes in their growth until one day they are planted on a farm.

STEM activities for kids | simple and fun science experiment for toddlers , preschoolers or kindergarten children.

To make this experiment all you need to do is place 1 potato into a shallow dish of water and let nature create her magic! It only takes a couple of days for the changes to begin and once it has sprouted quite a few shoots, your little one can plant it in the garden and watch it grow, then harvest their own potatoes. Such a fun and important process for them to see.

This works really well with celery too. If you like, you can add a few drops of food colouring into the water and let your little one observe the changes.

If you have tried this or have any other fun and simple science activities like this OOBLECK recipe , just drop us a line below.

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