Flamingo birthday partyFlamingo birthday party

Flamingo birthday partyFlamingo birthday partyFlamingo birthday party Flamingo birthday party

Flamingo birthday party Flamingo birthday party

Flamingo birthday party Flamingo birthday party

Flamingo birthday party Flamingo birthday partyWe recently celebrated our mingo loving, palm tree hugging, cactus vibing, pineapple crushing Oceanna’s 8th birthday.

She had a few close friends over for a flamingo themed pool party / lets have ‘no sleep’ over.

Food was kept pretty basic doing as many things as we could in advance. Summer (our resident in house baker) made the cupcakes the night before, decorated them early Saturday morning and all four helped make the cute little marshmallow choc pops (soooo easy).

Ocea assisted with her birthday cake, selecting the flamingo candles a few weeks ago as the cake topper. Luckily we kept a little icing aside as a certain soon to be two year old decided to do a little cake taste testing about an hour before the guests were due to arrive.

So what went down you say? Well, there was a whole lotta T.Swift, Beiber and Galantis playing on repeat. There was girls screaming, pool splashing, belly laughing and enough wet towels to start a laundromat.

Dinner was shortly followed by another sugar hit of cake and an evening movie with the hidden agenda of bringing a some chilled out zen vibes back into the home. With an already sleep deprived mum (yup, that’s me!) and a lot of wishing thinking for an early night, by 11.00 pm it was pretty obvious the girls just wanted to stay, stay, stay awake all night.

After sleeping for what only felt like ‘four five seconds‘, the sound of little voices filled the air as the sun began to rise. When hubby made an early exit away for work, I glanced at what once resembled our home and thought that maybe next year, we may just have her party downtown instead! (ok enough lame music jokes, I must be tired)

All in all, regardless of how trashed the house now appears, they had such a great time and I don’t have to do it again until the next one’s birthday. Which is next week…. excuse the French but WTF! I really didn’t plan that too well did I???

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