A MUST HAVE for mumma’s (and pa’s) on the go!

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Excuse the cliche start, but… As a busy mum I always feel like I’m on my toes to get from here to there. Like all of us, there’s a lot to juggle. School, work, kids, household, washing, homework, lunches, uniforms, floors, after school sports, play dates, kids parties. We all know the drill, the list goes on and on and life in general can be nothing short of crazy.

And, I’m embarrassed to say but I’m usually the one at the picnic who just sits on the grass (because I left it soooo last minute to shove everything in the car just to get to the destination on time and packing up four kids is a challenge enough).

I did have a traditional picnic blanket (in a hideous red and green tartan print), that would slide all over the place every time someone moved on it. I also tried the big plastic outdoor rugs. But, trying to shove one of those in an already crammed car, not to mention carry it around with a toddler in arm just turned out to be a NIGHTMARE. So to say I was stocked was an understatement when became the proud new owners of a very cool looking ‘throw to go’.

The Throw To Go - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Family Lifestyle Blogger

Co-designed by Sydney based textile and storage designers Roshnee (good friend of mine from Pretty Tidy) and Nell, these two talented mummas joined forces last year to create what would have to be the most STYLISH and FUNCTIONAL and AFFORDABLE throws I have seen in a loooong time.

10_2 (2)

Indi and I recently took ours for a test drive on a little picnic at the park! First test was lightweight and easy to pack. BIG FAT TICK! The waterproof backing and polyester top is soft enough that it doesn’t have that ‘plasticy’ feel to it. And it is so lightweight and compact that I could jampack my basket with a few of Indi’s besties to come along for the ride too.


Next test – waterproof? Again, bonus one here. Testing something out with a toddler who has a big tube filled with bubbles and who likes to ‘pour’ the drinks by herself meant that we were able to test out how the throw handled a few pretty big spills here and there. The water didn’t soak through the fabric at all.Of course the surface felt damp (the waterproof side is on the base) but it dried in absolutely no time at all. Since my spill didn’t seep through, that also means any underlying dampness (think dewy morning grass or damp summer beach sand) will not seep up.

The Throw To Go - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Family Lifestyle Blogger

Did I mention they are washable, yaha! Amaze – I know. Tested this one out after Indi squished a nice juicy plum she sat on while enjoying our mummy and me pic-a-nic.

The Throw To Go - www.fourcheekymonkeys.com Family Lifestyle Blogger

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And… last but not least – design, well that pretty much speaks for it’s self. We have the versatile Geo Jumble black and white with mint edge (mint – how could I not????) but wait till to you see the Pastel Geo that sold out in only 48 hours when it was last restocked!

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I could have done a spoiler and inserted an image, but I really think you should do all your future picnics a favour and check them out for yourself right HERE! X