Unicorns – They are our four legged friends who are the ultimate in childhood whimsy and wonder.

And if you like to keep up-to-date with the latest trends in kid’s decor and design, you will find that these magical little foals are having their much deserved moment, stealing the spotlight as the MUST HAVE majestic piece in kids decor and design. That’s right, UNICORNS are gracing children’s bedrooms, play spaces and nurseries like no fairy has done before!!!

We have done the hard yards for you and have searched all four corners of the globe to find the ultimate in UNICORN must haves from around the world.

From super sweet to ultra edgy and uber cool, here is our run down of THE BEST in unicorns for kids.

Crocheted Magic by @ikkvistore

ABOVE: Cuteness overload handmade in Belarus by https://new.vk.com/ikkvi_store Insta: @ikkvistore

Unicorn (and pegasus) perfection by @littleoliveandco

ABOVE: An Aussie Fave – handmade banners by http://www.littleoandco.bigcartel.com Insta: @littleoliveandco

@foxella_and_freinds unicorn hangers

Funky Little Unicorns by @foxella_and_friends

ABOVE: Ultimate in unicorn cool – brooches (very top middle image), clothes hangers and softies handmade in Germany by http://www.foxella-and-friends.com Insta: @foxella_and_friends

light-uni-unicorn-ambient-light by @smokonow

AMAZING unicorn lights by www.smokonow.com.

Above: add some instant cool to your kids space with these AMAZING unicorn lights by http://www.smokonow.com. Insta: @smokonow

Trending now - Unicorns (bespoke delights by @daintycheeks)

Unicorn Luxe by @daintycheeks

ABOVE: Bespoke, boutique, luxe! Handmade unicorns from the Big Apple by http://www.daintycheeksboutique.com  Insta: @daintycheekys

Milky Way Unicorn phone charger by http://shop-milkyway.com/a/snappic

ABOVE: ok, so its not technically ‘decor’ but since when did phone chargers become SO MUCH FUN! Available from http://shop-milkyway.com Insta: @milkywaycases

Magical Unicorns by @butterfly.belle

ABOVE: Breathtaking beauty handmade in Australia by http://butterflybelle.bigcartel.com Insta: @butterfly.belle

Unicorn Sweetness by @rhapsodyandthread and @feltinbloom

Super Sweet Unicorns Collaboration by @rhapsodyandthread and @feltinbloom

ABOVE: Sweetness galore handmade in Australia by http://www.RhapsodyandThread.bigcartel.com   (dolls) and http://www.feltinbloom.com  (unicorn crowns) Insta: @rhapsodyandthread   @feltinbloom

@dessindesign handmade unicorn decor for kids

Swedish Unicorn Delights by @dessindesign

ABOVE: One of my all time faves handmade in Sweden by http://www.dessindesign.se  Insta: @dessindesign

Unicorn decor for kids www.fourcheekymonkeys.com

Queen of the Unicorns by @handmadeheartshop

And last but not least, who could ever do a unicorn post without including the queen of all things unicorn – handmade in the UK by http://www.handmadeheartshop Insta: @handmadeheartshop

Spotted any other unicorn delights that we missed? Comment below and we may be able to add them to our list!

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TREND ALERT- unicorns

1. Unicorn banner by http://www.dessindesign.se  2. Unicorn light by http://www.smokonow.com 3. Plush Unicorn with crown by http://www.RhapsodyandThread.bigcartel.com   (dolls) and http://www.feltinbloom.com  (unicorn crowns) 4. Crochet unicorn by https://new.vk.com/ikkvi_store  5. Unicorn hobby horse by http://www.handmadeheartshop 6. Unicorn banners by http://www.littleoandco.bigcartel.com 7. Unicorn phone chargers by http://shop-milkyway.com 8. Bespoke Unicorn Keepsakes by http://www.daintycheeksboutique.com 9. Unicorn decor by http://butterflybelle.bigcartel.com 10. Funky little unicorns by http://www.foxella-and-friends.com

NOTE: All images are credited to their store owners  and all unicorn designs are copyright protected by their creators