Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces | DIY IKEA tree

So I remember last Christmas when I spotted the IKEA Christmas tree fabric, I was very tempted to buy it but wasn’t really sure how or where I would hang it. This year, I decided to give it a go and I absolutely love the result.

Best part is (hang on, there are two best parts)…

Number one – sooooo easy to make!

Number two – considering the impact it creates it didn’t really cost that much (total cost for wall hanging – approx $36 dollars – excluding decorations).

And three – (ok three best parts) it is the perfect option for those with limited floor space (hello tiny house hunters – kind of addicted to that show).

So enough of that, here’s how to do it yourself –


Materials and equipment needed:

  • Christmas tree fabric – cost $12.50 per metre, approx 2 metres in length ($25)
  • 2 x pieces of 1.8 metre dowel or you can find a nice relatively straight branch or piece of drift wood –  approximately $5 each for dowel
  • Rope or twine to hang – approximately $1 – $2
  • Decorations as desired – save money and use existing, make your own or update and buy a few new ones.

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces | DIY IKEA tree


  1. Once you have all equipment needed – Make a fold approximately 6cm at the base and top of the Christmas Tree fabric and pin into place.
  2. Sew top and bottom folds using a basic stitch.
  3.  Insert dowel.
  4. Attach twine or rope to the top ends of the dowel to hang.
  5.  Decorate as desired by hand sewing decorations in place (If using fairy lights – ensure they DO NOT omit heat and NEVER leave on unattended).
  6. Enjoy!

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces | DIY IKEA tree

TIPS for the tipsters –
For best impact you will need to hang this quite high due to the size. I used a strong 3M shield hook which has held the weight perfectly.

If the thought of sewing freaks you out, I’m pretty sure a few big blobs of blutac should hold it in place – just watch the weight of the decorations.

For a minimal look, try a bare tree (no decorations). It gives a nice, clean, scandi look.

Or if you love a bit of colour, coordinate the tree with your home decor and attach a few baubles here and there in your existing colour scheme.

This type of tree is also great if you go away for Christmas or have a holiday home (lucky you, so jelly!) but don’t or can’t drag around a full sized Christmas tree.

As for mine, it still needs a little tweaking and I will upload a better image once it’s all done. But for now, this will totally do!

Christmas decoration ideas for small spaces | DIY IKEA tree

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NOTE: never leave lights on unattended, check if they omit and heat and if so, keep away from any flammable materials.